About me

Over my career, I have developed many performant scalable web applications (backend and frontend). I pride myself on my code being performant, well tested and “DRY”. I am an expert in python and javascript.

My original interest in code stemmed from an academic background in neuroscience and AI. Thrilled by the creative potential of software, drove me to focus on web development. Above all, I consider myself a product engineer and like to be heavily involved in the conception, innovation and usability of the product.

Currently open to fully remote roles using node/python/angular. Ideally in surfing, neuroscience, sports, clean tech, online education and/or a product that I believe in. Also considering relocation to locations outside the UK.

CV (pdf)

I am originally from London and have dual nationality British-Brazilian.

When not coding I can be found surfing, playing capoeira, dancing Forró and playing bossa nova guitar.

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